The Ethical Interview Series for Behavior Analysts
ABA Ethical Interview Series: 
An On-Demand Program for Busy Behavior Analysts
Providing Guidance for "Real" Ethical Problems 
Earn 4 Type II BABC Ethics CEUs
I know . . . . you're a busy professional
You already know the code. 
But it isn't always easy to apply the code to "real life" problems that arise.

You are looking for some cutting edge ethics discussion.

If you've ever said:
  • ​I'm so tired of the same old presentations on ethics, I want to know how to actually apply the code
  • ​ I don't want to waste money to learn about things I already know
  • ​I want to be a better ethical decision maker
Here's the truth: 
The code is the foundation, but applying it isn't always easy. 

You don't need yet another ethical presentation to tell you about the code you already know. 

  • ​Ethics is a thought process, not a bunch of stagnant stand alone rules 
  • ​My panel of ethical experts present cutting edge approaches to ethical problem resolution 
  • ​Challenge your thinking and stimulate yourself professionally. 

This Ethical Interview Series will Guide You Through Ethical Dilemas and Make you a More Competent Decision Maker
I know what it feels like to be a busy professional, trying to juggle so much. It's not easy. You don't have the time, or energy, to waste on more of the same old ethics presentations.

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera and I’ve been in the autism world for 2 decades, first as a confused parent, and then as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals, both new to ABA as well as veterans in the field. So many times these professionals would want to chat about ethical questions that come up in "real life". 

We would discuss the code, and then everyone said the answers they thought the others wanted to hear. For example, "No, don't accept the coffee at your clients home" or "You can't post that on social media".  But they wanted practical advice.

This Interview Series was designed to deliver high quality ethics discussion with leading experts in the field. 

It was made for you. Whether you're a new professional, or you have been in the field for many years, my ethical series will engage you and really get you thinking about ethics in a new way. 

Join us today and get in the movement to challenge your thinking.

Dr. Mary Barbera - Creator of Turn Autism Around Courses
Dr. Mary Barbera Interviews 
4 Top Ethical Experts 
Dr. Ilene Schwartz, BCBA-D
Dr. Ilene Schwartz is a professor and chair in the Area of Special Education at the University of Washington and the Director of the Haring Center for Research and Training in Education at UW. She earned her Ph.D. in child and developmental psychology from the University of Kansas and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D).
Dr. Schwartz is the director of Project DATA, a model preschool program for children with autism that has been in operation since 1997; and is currently involved in research projects examining the efficacy of the Project DATA model with toddlers and preschoolers with autism.
Rosemarie Griffin, BCBA, SLP-CCC 
Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC/SLP BCBA, is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has presented at the national, state and local level about systematic and collaborative language instruction for students with autism. Rosemarie is also an adjunct professor, teaching a graduate level course about behavior analysis and ethics. In addition to these interests, she is the creator of the action builder cards. This nationally distributed therapy product provides professionals with a means of delivering evidenced based language therapy.
 Dr. Megan Miller, BCBA-D
Dr. Megan Miller, PhD, BCBA obtained her M.S. in Psychology with a Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Florida State University Panama City Campus in 2007. She earned her PhD in Special Education and Behavior Analysis at The Ohio State University in 2015. Her early training in behavior analysis occurred at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism as a volunteer/intern in 2003. Megan is committed to providing effective evidence based practice to children with autism and developmental disabilities. Specifically, she is interested in the use of naturalistic behavior interventions, precision teaching, staff training, and school consultation.
 Dr. Amanda Kelly, BCBA-D
Amanda N. Kelly, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA obtained her bachelors degree in Elementary Education, her masters of science in Behavioral Education, and her doctorate in Behavior Analysis. Currently, Dr. Kelly serves as ABA Marketing Liaison for Relias Learning: Autism Solutions, as well as Director for the University of West Florida's (UWF), Office of ABA, Hawai’i cohort. Dr. Kelly has been recognized for her dissemination and advocacy efforts. In 2012, she was awarded the "Jerry Shook Practitioner of the Year" from the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT) and in 2015, she accepted the “Advocacy Group of the Year” award from Autism Speaks, on behalf of the Hawai'i Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA). Dr. Kelly is currently serving on the board for the Hawai'i Disability Rights Center (HDRC). 
Earn 4 BACB 
Type II Ethics 
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The Ethical Interview Series is 100% online, pre-recorded, and meant for the busy professionals.
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You have enough to worry about. This course was designed so you can learn at your own pace. All video modules are available on-demand. It is worth your time. 
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Listen to professional discussions. Be encouraged by other professionals who have challenged their thinking and learned to apply the code to "real life" dilmenas.
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Learn cutting-edge Ethics, plus get a certificate for 4 hours of inservice education or 4 Type II BACB CEUs for Behavior Analysts.
Join the Movement
Learn how to make thougthful, yet real decisions when presented with difficult ethical dilemnas. 
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Gain confidence, competence, and grow learning from other top professionals.
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Celebrate moving forward, conquering challenges, and really transforming your thinking about ethics. 
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Hear what the Experts have to say in their interviews . . . .
Ethical Interview #1 with 
Dr. Ilene Swartz, BCBA-D
"As many of you know, the BACB introduced a new compliance code about a year ago. There are 2 things important about that. The first is that it went from guidelines to a compliance code. In the compliance code, people talk about the fact that they are going to implement  rules that cannot be broken as opposed to guidelines for how one should behave. I think what that means when you say these are rules that cannot be broken,  is it assumes that there’s a right and wrong way to behave. I don't think ethics is that simple. 
Ethical Interview #2: Rosemarie Griffin, MA, CCC/SLP BCBA
"Especially as BCBAs, we're going to take very intricate data; lots of data and we're going to analyze that data. We͛re going to say,  "Is this making a difference in the skill that's a weakness?" I think if it is, if it's not harming the client, if it's not going to take them away from something else that's going to help increase that skill, then I think that we really owe it to the collaborative team going back to what is collaboration to say, "Okay, let's try this. Let's take data. I think that's when you really have to take the data and you have to say,  "Okay, just get the emotions out of this because we're going to take the data. We'll come together as a team and analyze that data. That's how we make treatment decisions."    
Ethical Interview  #3: 
Dr. Megan Miller, PhD, BCBA
"There was a quote on Facebook, "Today's proven theory was yesterday's untested idea." The fact that a lot of the things that people say even now are evidence-based, which I would say are empirically supported like functional analysis. When Dr. Iwata first started publishing on it, before he could even publish those studies, he had to be doing those things and collecting data on it. What if we held him to "You can't do that because there's no research on it?" The idea of we can't do something just because there's not a research article on it is pretty silly. 
Ethical Interview  #4: 
Dr. Amanda Kelly, BCBA-D
Our ethical code says it’s our ethical obligation to disseminate information. There’s an opportunity where we could say, "Don't let people tell you how effective and helpful you've been, but it’s your job to tell the world that". Again, it’s that  "What is the harm to clients? What are the benefits to clients? What is the right thing to do and what does it mean to be a good behavior analyst?"  I think that can really answer almost all of the ethical questions or scenarios that we’re going to encounter."   

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